Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ""? is a US-based data provider company. We have been providing marketing data to hundreds of businesses and individuals since 2013. Our customers rely on us for the quality and reliable business data.

How Current Is The Database?

We acquire the business and consumer data from many of the same sources as others do. This includes; business directories, blogs etc. However, we verify and update the data in regular intervals to maintain the quality.

From where the data is collected?

We collect data from Business Directories, County and State Business Registrations, Secretary of State Data, Annual Business Reports, SEC Filings, Sales Tax Data, Business Publication Subscriptions, Articles of Incorporation Database and dozens of other sources. Our consumer data comes mostly from Opt-In consumer websites and subscriptions.

Can I Resell Your List?

No. This data is for your personal use only. We spend tens of thousands of dollars per year to keep our data updated. It is not fair to us for someone to purchase our data at our low prices and then resell it. We vigorously pursue individuals who abuse these terms. All of our data contains special "markers" to help us track and identify it.

Any other questions or concerns, please contact us.